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My First Rifle

Congratulations! First, I would suggest that you get a few "snap caps".............dummy bullets that won't fire, so you can practice dry firing over, and over, and over, without damaging the firing pin. Dry fire at least 100 times a day, for a week, before you go out to shoot live ammo.

Second, fire light weight bullets, for less can get factory ammo with 125 grain bullets.

Third, if your husband is not the best teacher for you, find someone you feel comfortable with to show you how to shoot. Check out the local gun clubs.

Women can shoot as good as men.......perhaps better because you take time to learn the basics..........unlike most of us, we are "natural shots". (Yeah, right).

You'll find factory ammo is high priced. Learn to reload. Besides making lower cost ammo, you can make more accurate ammo, and hand load light weight bullets, for low recoil practice loads.

Last.........join the NRA. The NRA has shooting programs for everyone, all over the country. Good luck, and good shooting.
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