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My Mossberg 500 12Ga sits in the safe 2 steps from my bed, five rounds of 00 buckshot in the magazine, bolt closed on an empty chamber. The safe is closed, but the dial is unlocked. I can be in the safe and chamber a round in 3.5 seconds, and have a bandoleer of extra ammunition hanging in the safe as well. Anyone coming into the house will set off the alarm, but the dog barks as soon as he hears something in the yard. Between these two warnings, I'm fairly confident I can be up and armed before being in danger, but have enough pause to avoid a ND, and enough concealment of the weapon to avoid it being used against me.
A note on dogs: My American Bulldog has impressed me with his uncanny ability to tell when I'm expecting company and when I'm not. Any uninvited activity in the yard rouses him to alert, warning barks and all (great deterrent for Jehovah's Witness's). But if I know a friend is coming over, he doesn't make a sound.
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