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First, I would say practice is the key to great shooting and it's always easiest to practice your skills in a smaller calibre rifle because your not thinking about recoil, and you really get to focus on what it takes to make a good shot. I'll be honest, it will be tough at first to learn first on a 30-06.

Although, if thats what we are working with I'll start with some basics:
Trigger control has to be the most important thing to shooting. People jerk the trigger, pull it too quickly and simply think "oh its on the bulleyes, fire!". Pulling the trigger should be a gentle and smooth process. It should be as slow as possible really. When the trigger breaks and fires, the shot and recoil should come as a surprise... every time.

Breathing I'd say is next in importance. You can't make a perfect shot if you are inhaling or exhaling as you pull the trigger. I like to get my breathing going and get as steady as possible on the target, then take a deep breath and pull the trigger.

Having a comfortable rest/position when you shoot is also important. You want a rest to get yourself as comfortable and steady as possible. I shoot my rifles with bipods, and I'll use sand bags or whatever else is in the field to help make my rest as steady as possible when I shoot.

Also, ammo is important. Choosing the right bullet is also important when it comes to accuracy. A shooter could be perfect and poorly loaded ammunition could make them shoot all over the paper or miss a target. Find what works best in your gun and stick to it.

These are just some of the main tips I would say is a good start. Have fun!
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