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create a bedroom package

I've been building a small bedroom kit for responding to nocturnal emergencies and contingencies. We live on the Oregon Coast and have concerns that range from storms and mudslides to earthquakes and tsunamis. I like the safepacker as a holster concept for the bedroom, but I take it one step further.

If I awake to a 9.0 Richter scale earthquake, my glasses, gun and everything else will be all over the room, with dressers and armoires crashing on top of them. Californians can attest to earthquakes that throw you out of bed and right onto the floor.

So into a safepacker holster place the following: weapon, reloads, and tactical flashlight and sleep with it under the covers. I put it between me and my spouse so we both have access to it. Next to the bed I have a bag or pack where I put my wallet, keys, other EDC gear and glasses every night when I go to bed. I have a pair of pants ready to jump into next to the bed and shoes with hard soles just like a firefighter.

When the ground stops shaking there will be debris and broken glass all over the place and I will be in the dark, probably without electricity. A holster system with reloads and tac light are the first piece of a plan for being prepared for anything.
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