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yes..i would if i felt it would stop the attacker from doing harm..also depends on how many volts etc. If it was a 14 year old teen trying to mug me with a knife or something..i would just taze him..and not shoot him.
Friend, that 14 year old can cut you six ways from next week before you can even think about it. And never, EVER think that just because a kid is an obvious kid that they won't do you harm.

I've arrested kids that were gang affiliated that were wearing body armor and carrying firearms.

As for the Taser question, a Taser does one thing very well--it will totally lock up your muscles as long as the current is flowing. The only way you will defend against a Taser AFTER you are hit is if you don't get hit with both probes.

Moreover, the only real difference between the X26 LE Taser and the others marketed by the same company is the length of the leads. The LE leads are much longer.

A Taser pointing at you is no joke--it is meant to put you DOWN, RIGHT NOW, and to take you out of the fight. If a person who is not an LEO is pointing a Taser at you, it is not to invite you over for tea and crumpets.
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