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I find it very interesting that the way of these type threads go. If you are in law enforcement and someone who even dares to move wrong, it is OK and a "good shoot" to drop him on the spot. When a civilian is being assaulted or may be threatened with death, he is supposed to properly assess the intentions of the BG before he can respond with lethel force. I know that I am oversimplifying but the crux of the respondent attitudes bears me out.
Did I say don't shoot if you're being assaulted or threatened with death? No. In fact, if you are being assaulted or threatened to the degree that you actually believe that this person may try and kill you then, by all means, fire away.
Keep in mind that a major difference between you and a LEO facing the same threat is that if you have the time/space/opportunity you can beat feet and escape the threat, a cop has to do something about it. However, one thing is true for everyone, nobody wants to shoot another person unless they have no other choice.

I'm curious - is it your position that the average citizen should know, offhand and in a situation of maximum stress and fear, what the effective range of the tazer is? And, in that moment of extremity, accurately judge the distance between himself and the threat before deciding whether he can defend himself or not? Please.
I'm sure that you and everybody else here has some ability to gauge a threat, even if it is only the difference between "Wow, that guy's nuts, let's leave" and "Holy -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED-!!". Pull the trigger when it gets to "Holy -CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED--CENSORED-!!".

WC145, I thought Tazers were good for 21 ft?
You are probably right, I don't carry one so I'm not that well versed in the specifics. I took advantage of the opportunity to get shocked so that I would know what I might be up against some day.
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