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Originally Posted by Marvelicious
.....Rembrandt: I'm curious about that track mount system. What kind of track is that? I'm building a bench right now and I'm using this stuff: T track.

I'm getting it cheaper from McMaster Carr (I can never figure out how to get a link to a product on their site... just look up t track). It should allow my reloading bench to do triple duty like its going to have to. It also occasionally has to be a guitar-tech bench, and light duty electronics repair. I figure the most important part in making all these things get along is going to be frequent use of the shop vac!
The extrusion I used, (trade name 80-20 ) is basically the same principal as T-track. It's offered in more configurations and shapes, has more accessories available. You can get it through MSC or any number of outlets. I used 2"W X 1" thick, about 36" long. With the help of a router its recessed into the bench top. Price is reasonable....less than $50.

I like the versatility it offers....for reloaders, vises, cleaning station and more.

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