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Responses to questions in the closed thread over in the General Discussion forum.

Originally Posted by 22-rimfire View Post
I wonder if this would apply to National Forest lands? In particular in my state, you may NOT legally carry firearms except during the hunting season and you must have a valid hunting license. The state has labeled these as "wildlife managment areas". My guess is that it changes nothing except inside the national park.
The new ruling makes carry on National Parks and National Wildlife Refuges the same as carry on BLM and US Forest Service (National Forests) land to be the same as the State laws where you live.

If you cannot, by law, carry in BLM and National Forests now, this will have no effect.

But suppose you have a concealed permit and you travel to Wyoming to visit Yellostone (which is mostly located in WY, but some of it is in ID & MT - similar CC laws, though), you would be allowed to carry concealed as WY, ID and MT recognize your States permit (even though your State may not recognize ours). - Research the CC laws of the State you are going to visit. Do not take my word for it.

This would not work if you were going to Yosemite, however. Since CA does not recognize any other States permits.

In the thread linked above, Casimer links to the discussion at The Volokh Conspiracy, where you not only can read the many answers. Here is that link. There is a link to download the rule change. It's an 800KB PDF file, but it contains all the answers to your questions.
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