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I have a Bushmaster AR and a 197 Ranch rifle. I like them both out of the box my AR wins hands down. But after doing a few low cost DIY mods home made buffers, smaller gas port bushings, trigger job, home made barrel sturt, and muzzle break. These take care of the Minis short comings. Reducing the trigger pull to 4lb, the sturt and muzzle stiffen the barrel and work like a heat sink, the buffer sand smaller gas port bushing along with the muzzle break eliminates most of the recoil and almost all the the muzzle lift. It almost feels like a 1022 when you are shooting it. With hand loads it shoots 1 inch groups or better at a 100yds from a bench. I shoot with benchrest guys at our range and they can't believe how good my Mini shoots.
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