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Christopher's father, Charles Bizilj, has said his son had experience firing handguns and rifles but the gun show was his first time with an automatic weapon. A certified instructor was with the boy at the time.
We're discussing this over at the Appleseed forum a bit too, but rumor has it that there was no certified instructor with the boy at the time... there was only a 15 year old minor there to supervise the weapon's use.


The club where the fair was held also was charged. The fair had promised shooters would have certified instructors in an advertisement, but District Attorney William Bennett said the child, Christopher Bizilj, was supervised by an uncertified 15-year-old boy.
Creeps us out a little bit because we have personal rifles, little .22's (10/22, Marlin 795, etc) that we loan out from time to time to shooters with malfunctioning rifles. We do this to keep the line moving as quickly as possible. These rifles have been loaned to minors, with their parents' permission, before. Just did one this last weekend.

Makes me wonder a bit about loaning a rifle to a minor.
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