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Another way is simply to ignore the problem on the idea that no one has the right, has the standing, to sue to stop her from being secretary of state.
Asinine. One of the greatest injustices, and I do not see where this is spelled out in the COTUS as the law but would welcome enlightenment, is that a citizen must actually suffer at the hands of the gov't in order to challenge a law or its actions.

This mentality is truly evil when it comes to the passing of bad laws. If they put a high enough penalty upon violation of it then the mere threat of the weight of the US gov't conducting a prosecution against a citizen and imprisoning them will prevent people from violating the law, thereby removing the standing to challenge it.

I can understand not having standing to sue in a civil matter but no company has the right to pass legislation and imprison you or tax you. Gov't should ALWAYS be able to be challenged in court by a US citizen. Wasn't there something about petitioning gov't in the COTUS...
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