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Well, Jinx, I I guess I'm old and we all know that age is a mind killer, and anyone over 40 doesn't have the sense that God gave a radish, but I know how to spell Viet Nam. I also know that wanting a weapon to be reliable and it actually being reliable are separate matters. In my experience with the M-16, I never had a failure on the firing line, and never had two shots fire in row under simulated battle conditions. There is a great deal of difference between powder residue and sand and dust. Take any M-16 oil it well, and allow sand into the action, and see what happens. In combat, when there are bullets flying all around you, the safest place you can find is on your belly in the mud, try to remember is the bolt cover on this M-16 open. If you have fired it the bolt cover is open. I know that I'm not alone in my opinions about the M-16, I know many veterans of the sandbox, that have no particular love for for the M-16. It may be much improved over the '67 version, but I was trained with the M-16A2, and it was totally unreliable. Now as far as the M-16, Ar-15, as a fun gun, hey great piece! I enjoy shooting it. But as an serious combat arm, it is flawed. I sincerely believe that the American soldier deserved better. As an assault rifle it was engineered to very close tolerances, much closer than an AK, or M-14. The idea of the bolt cover was a serious brain cramp, for an assault rifle, which needs to function in the worst conditions imaginable. If all battles were fought standing up in dry weather, it would be fine. It's fine toy for civilians to take to the range and burn a 1000 rounds with. I may be a little vituperative about this, but I happen to feel very strongly that the American troops deserve the best and they didn't get it. I have considerable resentment still over the Viet Nam war, it cost me my father. If we were not going to be allowed to win this war, we should have never gone!
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