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True capitalists

Released from Harper's Ferry as prisoners of war, we were sent to Camp Douglas near Chicago. Here a misunderstanding occurred between Company G and the post sutler. A member of the company, John Reddick, I believe, was in the store buying a blouse. There were two kinds-a short one of poor quality and high price, and a longer one of tolerable quality and much higher price. Reddick choose the better garment and paid for it, when the salesman proceeded to wrap up the shorter, worthless article. When the clerk's attention was called to the fact, he said: 'It's the one you bought.' 'No, sir,' retored the soldier, 'I bought and paid for the longer one.' 'You're a liar,' hissed the clerk. Reddick reached for him and the matinee began, everyone present playing a prominent part. The place was soon full of Company G boys, whose quarters were near by, and was cleaned out in less time than it takes to tell it. The sutler and his clerks escaped through the back windows and fled for safety. In the afternoon the sutler came back to look for a place to put in another stock of goods, and finding the building still there concluded to contnue the business at the old stand. The boys, arrayed in their new store clothes, went over to see him, expressed their sympathy for him, and praised his pluck, and two young innocents lugged in his ice chest and offered it to him cheaper than he could buy a new one, and he paid them their price - five dollars - for it.
What a happy ending.
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