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Late for the party...

...and this is my first post on this forum

I own both a CZ Lux and a first year production 39A and thought I would chime in with several things that, I am surprised, have not been mentioned. The CZ Lux is more accurate, yes. That is only part of the performance of the package as a whole in the field, however.

I would pick a 39A any day because:
1) I like tang mounted peep sights for the extra long sight radius. You can never mount one on a CZ bolt gun.
2) The 39A simply points better - like a shotgun. This is why Annie Oakley could shoot at glass balls tossed in the air
3) The 39A will hold 25 .22 Shorts and waaaay more LR than the CZ.
4) The 39A is quieter. You can easily tell the difference with .22 Short ammo. This is an advantage for small game hunting. I think it is because of the the amount of metal in the receiver and its shape. I have tested them side by side.
5) The 39A is a takedown and will fit in the *trunk* of my Jeep Wrangler.
6) The 39A will shoot crappy ammo OK.
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