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My silencer on Form 4:

Nov 29th 2007 everything sent off to BATFE

Feb 1 2008 Form 4 returned and picked up silencer

Roughly 2 month or 8 weeks

My SBR on Form 4

July 21st 2008 Form 4 mailed out

July 27th 2008 Check cleared

Sept. 8th 2008 Called to check progerss and delayed due to missing name on
CLEO sign off area. (First time CLEO entered my name, I did not
double check)

Sept. 22nd 2008 Form 4 arrived back at FFL after BATFE mailed form back three
times to wrong address.

Oct. 27th 2008 Called BATFE and Form 4 approved

Nov. 17 2008 Form 4 arrived back to FFL

Roughly 4 months or 16 weeks, which ever came first!

Examiner: Barbara L. Payne
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