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My 5-shot snubbie is loaded up, in its IWB holster, under my pillow while I sleep.

Twice since I've moved into my house nearly a year ago have I been woken up in the middle of the night due to noises. Both times I snapped awake, knowing that something wasn't right and being almost fully alert and aware of a lot of things at once, from the position I was lying in (I hadn't moved when waking up), to the dryness in my mouth, to the sounds that woke me in the first place. Neither time did I make a grab for my gun before assessing the situation.

Both times, the noises were caused by the weather: the first time, it was so cold outside that one of the windows in my room was slowly (and loudly) cracking (when I figured it out and got up to investigate/confirm, the gun came with me); the second time it was very windy outside, which was causing the soft, flexible pine tree planted right next to my house to slap up against the vinyl siding (when I figured that one out, I didn't get up--I could hear the tree hitting the siding as the wind picked up).
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