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In my experience, the Mini-14 hasn't been as reliable, durable or as accurate as the AR15; but it costs the same as one these days. I'm sure other people have had different experiences (at least as to reliability) but durability and accuracy still seem to be an issue.

Durability may not be all that bad either; but as someone else mentioned, when a Mini-14 breaks a part it is back to Ruger and you get to hear the owner complain about it for weeks. When an AR15 breaks, usually the owner (or someone else nearby) already has a spare on hand and can be back shooting in 5 minutes; or worst case scenario, they order it online and drop it in themselves for a week's worth of downtime. So AR parts breakage may be underreported because it is so easy to fix and Ruger may be overreported because the guy has nothing else to do but talk about his broken rifle for a month and a half while he waits for it to get fixed.
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