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Onions don't mask it.

More tales of soljers being naughty.

"The boys were early risers and generally had all the town cows milked before daylight; the owners of the cows, however, did not appreciate this kindness, and made many complaints to the officers. Orders to discontinue the diary business were issued, but the boys realizing that catching comes before hanging, took chances on being caught, and continued to levy tribute on the bovine udder. Occasionally some one captured something stronger than milk, which gave the officers considerable trouble. One day two men who had been sampling a choice brand of applejack were sent for by the captain. Surmising the object of the captain's desire to see them, they each ate an onion, and reported at the captain's quarters. When questioned as to whether they had been drinking, they tried to evade the issue, but being pressed for a direct answer, they put up a plea of not guilty. Stepping up to one of them, the captain said, 'Let me smell your breath;' and claimed: 'Yes, you've been crunching onions, but you don't fool me.' The boys took their punishment without complaint and waiting for an opportunity to be revenged-on the applejack."
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