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Got a stock Ranch Rifle many years ago for $295.00....went, before Y2K up in the hills for lots of practice.

I hate the iron fact lost my front peep sight as it slide into the grass. Shucks a Texas born guy like me can't let a little problem stop me from blowing another hundred rounds of 55 grain ammo.

So I just 'imagined' the front site...and the blade is too big and obscures long distance targets...but surprisingly enough...I found I could continue to make 100 yard and further targets with no peep site at all. Just tune into what your doing and do it as if your life depended upon it...and I believe I could fire any rifle, after a dozen or so tries, with no sites at all.

I later added a cheap scope..a 3x9 Bushnell scoped into 100 yards and have no regrets.

The rolling block as in the venerable M-One of WW II totally reliable...nothing to break, no little springs to bob out and be unfindable...the mags are either workable or not...I have no name mags that do just fine...others need fixing or tossing...not as reliable as the AR mags, on the whole.

But considering the AR downsides and the price...I feel my little Ranch Rifle in its wood good as I am going to get or likely to get from the 5.56mm, for the bucks. And it fires every ammo I have tried in it...and rejects none.

Get a new set of sites for the rifle, get them on zero and you shouldn't have a I say...the stock sights...just suck.

Look around, stop complaining and get a good set of workable mags and your in business. The AR has a billion dollars behind it...Stoner's vision works because of the research and money to bring it up to par. Ruger's rifle is a great little carbine...without all that research and money behind it.

But a little creativity and work on your part and you could have a great carbine for half the price of an AR and without the downsides of an AR in it's finickiness...
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