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LB 1944 No4 MkI*, 1918 III*

Got a No4 Mk1* that I purchased about 15 years ago. It has matching Ser #s
and all the proper stamps and marks, except the four digits on the magazine.

I've also got a 1918 #III* that my brother gave me a millinea ago to get me started shootin and reloadin. I've had the shootin and reloadin curse ever since.

Both of these rifles are a pleasure to shoot. Both very accurate. Sure is fun to shootem' but they kick me like mule. I've made up some reduced loads to go a lil bit easier on my old body.

I'm thinkin I might sell the No4 MkI* to make some room for a new toy I want to aquire. Not too sure what these babies go for any more.

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