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I can't understand why people who say "why you need a silencer" or "only assasins (sic) and the mafia used silencers" do not understand that they are being rude. I need a silencer for the same reason I need the other guns in my safe; to enhance my firearms collection. Very simple.

People use silencers for the same reason they use mufflers on cars. They reduce noise pollution and prevent hearing loss. Even a mediocre silencer can reduce noise by 20 decibels, this is equal to a 99% reduction in sound intensity. Even with this noise reduction, it is rare to have a lethal firearm that is less than 115 decibels, in other words they are not actually silent. The word silencer is a legal term used by the American government and a marketing gimmick coined by Maxim over 100 years ago.


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