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When mine was active I would buy 5 at a time and handpick out the best 3 for me and my sons. I'd sell the other 2 to friends for cost plus enough extra to cover the shipping for all 5 . I probably sold about 10 or 12 guns over the 3 years I had it. After my divorce I let it go and sold off a big part of my collection so that now I only have one of each of the many varieties of mausers, mosins, and SKSs I used to have. The ones I kept are the best of the best though so it definitely improved my collection.

In the big sell off I lost some of the names of the buyers and my logbook got all jacked up so I didn't renew my C&R. If you let your C&R go you can destroy your books and start all over with a new license number. That's what I'm in the process of doing now.
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