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Dawgkilla- The Marlin I saw couldn't have the port opened enough
for our long case, or even the 3.5" RMC case with a slug protruding.

DZ416- Thr Savage will handle the 577NE, 600NE, 700Ne at their
pressures or higher as it handled our 12GA FH with bigger base,
at 35-40,000 psi. It is just bolt thrust that the action has to handle
as long as barrel is heavy enough, which is why we put on heavy barrel.
You could say that our 12GA FH at 40,000 was the test load.
As case gets bigger diameter bolt thrust goes up.
As for a shorter case built from the bmg brass there is my
700H 3.25" which I have one in Savage now. And one in a
Enfield, and one soon in my first MRC PH action..Ed
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