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Paperwork & Storage

When you finally receive your liscense...

1. DO NOT sign the original copy of your liscense. Make copies of it. Although BATFE allows copies to be faxed, some dealers will not allow that. They may ask for a signed copy of your C&R mailed to them, not a copy of your signed liscense. So, make copies, then sign those to be mailed in red or blue ink so those who receive it can tell it is not a photocopy.

2. Hand carry, send or mail a signed copy to the Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) in your area, as stated above. This is not a request for permission from the CLEO, it is simply a notification that a C&R holder lives in his/her jurisdiction.

3. Set up your "Bound Book". That sounds a little more formal than it is. Get a 3-ring notebook and make you some forms. (Forms are available on-line or you can make your own.) Your paperwork will state what information is required. I keep two bound books, one for my C&Rs that have been purchased since I've had a liscense, and one for all other firearms. Also, make copies of both from time to time to place on file with you homeowner's insurance provider. I also store my original liscense in the front pocket of my Bound Book.

4. Your "bound book" should be seen like a sign-in, sign-out sheet. If you buy a firearm, sign it in, if you sell or give one away, sign it out. I have never heard of anyone being visited by the BATFE over a C&R, but if they visit, you want your paperwork to be in order! If they ask to see a certain firearm that is in your bound book and you sold it last week....

5. You can buy and sell C&Rs, but it cannot be a business, it must be a hobby. Get the spirit of the law and it's not hard to understand. So, don't have a business card printed up stating that you buy and sell firearms!

6. Get a copy of SHOTGUN NEWS at Wally-World and/or go to and click on the Links and send copies of your C&R to those dealers that interest you. Ask to be placed on their mailing list. Then set back and wait for you mailbox to fill up with fliers for those dealers...So many guns, so little money!

Sorry this is so long. These were issues I had when I first started. Hope this helps.
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