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That's really heartbreaking that you have to be that aware everywhere you go now.

Glad you dealt with the sirtuation the way you did.

Wal Marts are now criminals playgrounds sadly as are most shopping malls parking lots.

I have a friend whose wife was pregnant and was at Marumsco Plaza in Woodbridge,Va. almost twenty years ago and she had to deal with a guy that tried to carjack her without a gun.

She is an astionshingly beautiful woman and she dresses that way so she was wearing high heeled shoes which she had to lean back in her car,because this guy approached her as soon as she got in her car,she leaned back in the drivers seat across the console and kicked this guy three times in the chest and face,full force with her high heels.

The third time,with her screaming,the dirtbag gave up the attempt and she drove off as fast as she could.

Hell yes,we went back there looking for the guy but how would we know what he looked like?

Totally unexpected behavior there because this attack happened in mid afternoon about 1:30 p.m.

We are all grateful that she fought with all the might she could and got this guy to stop trying to essentially abduct her.

You have to be aware always.

And people I do not know better act like they don't know me or we could have a problem.
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