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Just a thought

Hi all,
For the sake of argument lets say Spark's wife's water breaks. "Oh crap" I need to call 911 and dont have a phone. He jumps from the car and looks around a noisy parking lot hoping to find someone who can make the call for paramedics. "There's a guy" "Hey buddy, can I talk to you?" In the noisy lot he approaches the fellow looking for help after not hearing his reply from such a distance. At somewhere around 75 feet out he sees that the fellow is standing with a hand on a gun and he decides he will drive his wife to the hospital himself, hops in his car and takes off.
Well? Who knows? Does anyone know what this fellow wanted?
I dont see where they do, other than a lot of speculation.
As far as me being a textbook victim, I dont live in fear. I expect I'd be the last person in the world to shoot someone who does not need it but just might be the first if the situation calls for it.
Again, I dont know what Sparks did was right or wrong. Had it been me I would have let the fellow come forward some and things might have ended tragically for one of us. However, he may have been a person just like Sparky but in need of info, help or who knows what other ligit bussiness.
At 75 feet out I dont feel threatened by the guys actions. To let him come closer under the circumstances is not an invitation to victimize me either. Again, does anyone know what he wanted or what his intentions were? No.
Did this man threaten anyone other than approaching to 75 feet out?
Sorry guys. I still dont see the threat.
You all can climb on and I'll let you have the last word on this. The above is just my opinion and you all are sure to have yours.

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