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I'm in my infant stages of practicing my C&R privilages. Received it just a couple of months ago and bought a 91/30 Tula Sniper from InterOrdnance last week.

Hopefully, it will be in next week. They were backlogged on shipping like everybody else.

I honestly don't think I'll do much with it. I don't like to modify old milsurps if they're in decent shape. Of course, if they really do need repair/restoration, I'm going to need much assisstance on what to buy. I'll be a novice for sure.

In comparison to a car, some people can barely change the oil. So, why get a '29 Ford shell and attempt to turn it into a Boyd Cottington? This is where I am with guns.

Hopefully, this thread will spark some ideas on what to look for in the future.
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