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I have been screwing around with large caliber cartridges for a while now but since I live in Idaho and we hunt with rifles it never accurred to me that you could do things on this scale. We just don't use slug guns. I have a 500 A-Square in a target rifle amongst other things. I have already ordered my 210 Savage and am thinking about both a 585 (577NE) and a 620 (600NE). What I have in mind is to shorten the BMG case to get the same capacity of the nitro Express cases. I want to recess the bolt face, headspace off the shoulder made by necking this rascal down and maybe change the extractors out for a couple Sako style extractors. I can think of a few other changes to make but they are not necessary to list at this point. According to the A-Square manual the 577NE using a 26 inch barrel shoves a 750 gr bullet at 2081 fps using 135 Gr. of RL-15. The 600 NE ( also with a 26 inch barrel does 1943 fps with a 900 gr. bullet using 159 gr. of RL-22. After reading what you guys are pulling off, this seems very possible. I'm not sure of the length of the cases to do these projects as the BMG is larger diameter than the express cases are. I have a project I am finishing now so I am free to do this one. Does anyone know what the Savage 210 action proofs out at? Do you think this is a do-able project? Thanks for the input and by the way, GREAT IDEA!!! Dave
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