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I have a 36 that has been referbed and looks new on the outside. Barrel is dark. Bought it at Cabela's for $175, Nov. '07. I haven't fired it because, until recently, I had another, older one that was "war worn" and shot pretty well.

I also have a 49/56 that I gave $200 for at a pawn shop, in Nov. '05. That was rifle and one mag. I love it! It is my favorite C&R. It was referbed in '56 but still looks great!

I have recently started reloading to feed this puppy. I am interested in any good loads you may have found for it!

It has only slam-fired about 5 times since I have had it. I had it happen twice the last time I went to the range! I know it's soft primers and a sharp firing pin. I WILL file the pin flat before I load more than one round in it. I also noticed that it has never slam-fired on surplus ammo! Just FNM!

Edit: DONE! Ground the point off the firing pin, no more slam fires!

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