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New Marlin 925M 22 Mag

I just purchased a new Marlin 925M Bolt Action 22 Mag. I took the gun to the range to shoot it for the first time today. To my surprise after firing the gun, it would not eject the case. After checking a few obvious things and removing the brass from the chamber I discovered that a new round would fit so tightly in the chamber (after the bolt was closed) that the extractor could not pull the fired brass out of the chamber. The extractor/ejector look fine on the gun. Everything seems to be in good working order on the extractor. I put a new round in the chamber (single shot style) and pressed it into the chamber to see how tight it felt and I could not pull it out. Anytime you press a new round into the chamber it fit extremely tight. I ran a patch through the barrel before I fired it the first time and the bore was clean. Has anyone experienced this on a new gun. Is there something I can do short of sending the gun back to Marlin? It shoots very accurate . Any suggestions?
Thanks for your input in advance.
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