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Originally Posted by Jim Keenan
Maybe not, but at the risk of helping the fakers and humpers, if you are going to polish a gun with a sideplate, polish the frame and sideplate together. Otherwise, you get a "dip" and even a gap where the sideplate meets the frame. The factory finish is perfectly flat, with no dip, and the gap will be almost invisible.
Word. Jim speaks Truth.

In the exemplar Beretta, look at the rear view. See the circular stop for the striker spring and the little valley where it meets the slide? That's the inevitable artifact of the buffing wheel on a disassembled pistol...

On old Smith topbreaks, another dead giveaway is a nickeled (or blued) hammer and trigger. These parts were case-colored originally; no need to even pick one up for closer examination if they are not.
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