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While gun lists are full of Nostradamus clones of doom, there have been several analyses that suggest the Dems won't go near passing gun laws due to their experience in 1994.

During Bush's reign - he postured repeatedly about abortion, the flag burning amendment and the like. He said he would sign an AWB - but with all these issues, they let congresspeople rant and squelched the bills.

I might be wrong but Obama wants to control the Congress in 2010 and expand his majority. The one he has now is based on the revulsion against the butt clown governing of the Bush Administration. He won't have that in 2010.

Obama seems to be resisting immediately going after the Bush tax cuts and war crime trials for those POS like Cheney, Rumsefeld and assorted minions. That suggests a considered approach as compared to the hysteria.

But we will see and I'm not an automatic panicker.
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