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I am a QC Manager at a black oxide company. What Chipperman said is right on with looking for marks or dings that are blued. One thing I have found is digital photos can makes things look better and also worse than what is actually there. All depends on lighting. Black images vary with digital photography. It looks to be in great shape. I would say its been touched up with a cold black process just by the barrel condition.
Thanks, Cardiac. Seems like opinions are about evenly divided. Based on what you all are saying so far, I'm not feeling too confident in bidding on this gun.

Maybe I should ask the seller of the Beretta to take a few photos of the gun in daylight if it's not too much trouble for him. He does mention in the item description to "just ask" if more photos are desired.

I hope that some more opinions are offered this evening. It would be great to hear the thoughts of Tamara, Jim Keenan or Bill DeShivs on this matter, if any of you three happen by.
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