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grinding recoil pad.

Here's how I do it.
First, get a pad that is oversized and fits the buttstock. Screw it in place.
Wrap about 6 layers of ductape around the stock with edge of tape meeting edge of recoil pad. Get your drill, with stick-on sanding paper and pad , 60 and 100 grit, and SLOWLY, using 60 grit, try to sand pad away paralle to stock, so you don't dig into duct tape. When you are about there, switch to 100 grit and finish. If pad is 30 thousandth (match book thickness bigger, dont worry about it. Carefull hand sanding later can take this away.
IMPORTANT: Remember the toe of stock and pad angle must match. Toe is bottom of buttstock. When you are sanding , KEEP this angle in mind!
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