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Thank you both for your replies! Please, everyone, keep them coming!

Chipperman said:

Difficult to tell from the pics, but I don't think it was redone.

When trying to find a reblue job, you want to look for:
1. absence of wear
2. pitting, scratches, or dings UNDER the finish
3. SNs and writing that appear partially filled or faint

This one shows wear on the edges, the SN/writing appears sharp, and there are a few visible scratches. If it WAS redone it was a long time ago.
I see what you mean. You know, I'm looking at the photos, and in some of them, the finish looks quite convincingly original (to my novice eyes), and in others (like the shot of the backstrap), it looks redone to me.

I'm really agonizing over this, because if I could be sure that the finish is original, I would bid. But I would definitely not be interested in an old gun that does not have its factory finish. I do have a week to investigate before the auction ends, so I'm hoping to get as many educated opinions as possible.

I'd say the first thing to do is ask the seller. Hopefully he will be up front if it was redone. I don't think it was, though.
As a matter of fact, I did ask him and he said he wasn't 100% certain, but he thought it had been refinished. Which puts me pretty much right where I started.
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