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This shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Get one of the inexpensive laser bore sighters and put it in the barrel and try to adjust the scope to make the cross hairs cover the light point. Assuming they won't, pull the scope out of the rings and close the rings back up and set the gun upright in a gun vice or in a cardboard box that you've cut notches in to hold the gun upright. Then step back and see if the laser spot is centered in the rings? You can also hang a weighted string down a wall and open the cylinder and use a dental mirror to see where the barrel is actually looking, left to right? Adjust the vice or box that is holding the gun to get the string centered in that view down the tube. Then look through the rings as before to see if they are centered, too? You may even want to pick up a straight length of tubing to cradle in the lower ring halves to help check alignment by sighting through it?

If the barrel and rings line up, the scope has a problem. If they don't, the rings are incorrectly placed or aligned or machined. If they are right, the base is incorrectly placed or aligned or machined. It could require a return to the factory in that instance.
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