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I'd love to go to Ben Avery Azappleseed.

I live only a little over a mile from shooters world, but they realy only have pistol facilities. I had the dubious privilage of working as an electrician on the original building. It is a converted warehouse. In the beginning there were 4
or 6 stations that ran from the front of the building all the way to the back for rifles. I guess 22LRs and such would be ok. Those were taken out some time ago due to lack of interest. It is too bad that people are not as interested in the intracacies of rifle shooting as they are facinaated with using a handgun. I started with BB guns in a poultry shed shooting mice. ya get pretty good practicing on startled mice at night. If I can get transportation I might show up and use up some 22LR and maybe even try the old 303 Savage out again. Them rounds are getting kinda scarce though. I'll have to look up my old boss Vern, a cowboy action shooter. He used to reload 303 Savage. I trust Vern yo safely reload any round whereas most other people I don't. Remember SAFETY FIRST! I'd like to thank the guys there for confirming my suspicions about the difference between 9mm Luger and 9mm Browning. I have some real old 9mm Luger from 1930s Germany and even it is diferent from modern 9mm Luger ammo. THANKS AGAIN!!!! Boy that one darn foolwas so sure of himself too, And boy was he wrong.
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