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If one completely abandons the idea of influencing Democratic politics and independents, then you have adopted a lose-lose strategy for the RKBA.
I agree that influencing Democrats and Independents will be the key to maintaining gun rights. While there is a clearly a Democratic voice that supports banning guns (Biden and Obama) the "aisle" Dems will be the ones we need on our side along with the independent voices. Not all Dems are gun banners and we need to ensure we have their support.

At this point, I also think it sends an important message when you get your CCW. I have mine and I just convinced a co-worker to get his. His first class was on Tuesday of this week. The gentleman in question doesn't even own a gun but is starting the process so that "he can send a message" about gun rights. I actively encourage everyone to get their CCW and do the same.
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