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The issue cannot be won with just a conservative, Southern strategy.
+1 on that. We shouldn't forget that many of the Democrats that were elected in the past 2 elections were conservative Democrats. Those can certainly be influenced especially given the drubbing the Democrats took the last time they attempted to give us strict gun laws. Most of the Democrats I know cite that as the one reason they lost control of the government.

Democrats in swing states can be influenced also. Their party is aware that guns are very popular in many areas so they aren't likely to want to push their luck for example here in Ohio. Just to illustrate my point the governor of our state recently signed a law which greatly expanded our CCW laws and also gave us the castle doctrine (finally). That governor is a Democrat and a liberal. He comes from my county which is a major gun rights area. This county is the largest in the state in terms of area so they don't want to tick us off too much.

It could be an uphill battle for liberals to try to institute new gun laws but I'm sure it's a battle they are going to try to win.
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