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Why didn't you call MY CELL PHONE if you had a problem?

I don't get on here every day like some folks. I've been a member here for eight years and have about 200 posts. That should tell you something. The only reason I got on today is because I am bored at work.

You have my cell phone number and never called me about this. Instead, you chose to complain here without even giving me a week to respond. That's particularly insulting, since in your private messages to me before the sale you complained about how the board was slow and unreliable and asked to do business over the phone.

Now, I have posted to you answering your questions. Did you clean the pistol without removing the grips? Did you try the solutions recommended on the Crimson Trace FAQ where this is such a common issue that they have answered it there?

I have sold at least half a dozen firearms on here and on Glock Talk without a single problem. If there had been an issue, I would have just sold you the pistol without the laser grips -- the as-new P239 that was manufactured in MAY that I sold you for $700.
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