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It occured to me that it's probably wise to explain what a C&R license won't do. The federal regulations regarding C&Rs are generally written to work within the context of state laws, not to trump them. To that end:

1) A C&R FFL does not allow you to make an end run around state-imposed AWB-style restrictions on the types of firearms that may be purchased or owned. Some C&R firearms remain illegal in some states.

2) It does not exempt you from laws requring gun registration, licensing, or training for gun owners.

3) AFAIK it does not exempt you from all Brady background checks in all states under all circumstances. (Sombody feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on this one.)

4) It does not give you the magical ability to purchase special guns that could not be purchased by a private individual who's willing to jump through the regular out-of-state transfer hoops.*

5) It does not give you any special priveleges related to the purchase of guns that are not C&R-eligible.

6) It does not give you any special priveleges for carrying certain types of guns (including concealed carry) and/or hunting with them.

{EDIT} *Footnote: Of course, an out-of-state seller may refuse to sell you a gun simply because they don't want to bother with shipping it to your local FFL! The law doesn't tell them that they're required to ship it to any potential buyer...
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