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Te Anau writes:

I truly believe that Biden is firmly set in his ways and hope for change in him is non-existant.Obama is anti-gun to the core but may not push the issue for fear of tearing this country apart.We do need to remain vigilant and contact our members of Congress,but those who have a Democrat representing them will have very little pull as they (Congress) will rapidly forget about the average Joe in their push for power and control.

Likely correct about Biden and Obama, however Congress (House) is up for election/reelection every two years, and one thing that they want, Democrats as well as Republicans, is to retain office. Also, just as is the case with Republicans, not all are strong RKBA supporters, not all Democrata are opponents, which means, as Glenn Meyer put it, don't give up on any congress critter, keep in touch with them.
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