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ken grant
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I use Airsofts for learning to point shoot in the different styles.
My #1-- KWA Glock 19 has over 12,000 BB's through it with no problems.
I have several others with less rds. but also with no problems.
You get everything except noise and as much recoil with these as they are Gas Blow Backs.

I use Coleman Propane bottles with mine and can get over 6,000 shots with one bottle at room temp.

For a backstop I use a cardboard box with the top cut out. I cut v-notches in the ends and lay a rod across the box. I drape a piece of carpet or rug over the rod and let it hang down in the box as a backstop. A good Gas Blow Back will shoot all the way through just the box.
Pin or tape targets to the box and shoot away. It will last for 1,000s of rds.
I still use the same box I started with over 20,000 BB's ago.

There are places in the world that people can't own pistols and AirSoft is very big there. They have matches of all kinds such as IPDA,IPSC,falling plates and etc.

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