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Depending on what your carry gun is, you can get an airsoft equivalent that is roughly the same weight and has the same controls. (Edit: you could get a G17 that is a fair replica in all ways except what comes out of the muzzle end)
I have a KJWorks P226 that I use in the house occasionally. If I had a real P226 I could easily use the airsoft replica to practise draws. It reproduces the SA/DA trigger and even has gas blowback of the slide. Fits in a standard Comp-tac P226 Kydex holster also.
Recently when I visited my sister in Florida and visited the shooting range, I was pleasantly surprised how natural it was to handle and fire one of their SIGs. My fingers naturally 'remembered' the controls and I was good to go from round 1. It's just a question of expecting recoil and noise, which shouldn't be a problem if you've fired the real steel before.
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