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I have had problems with the funny shaped bullets in the past, some of the HV solids had a truncated cone shaped nose and a step in the bullet at the base of this cone. They would hang up on a Ruger I once had so I have not tried them anymore. I have run all kinds of CCI thru Rugers without much trouble, including Stingers. I don't know about STingers in a custom barrel on the Ruger but the factory barrels seem chambered loose enough to eat them up. I always lubed my Rugers sparingly, despite what folks say about not lubing them. Of course some times once in a while you have to take the gun apart to clean it, good idea whether you lube or not, if you shoot it alot. Ruger mags are usually 100% but if you have trouble, it does not hurt to get some factory spares, they are not that steep and good to have anyway.
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