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I shoot at 7 to 10 yards. 7 yards is about as far out as I can have groups in COM firing rapidly (2-3 rounds/sec). Sometimes I'll shoot at up to 20 yards, but only 1 mag or so and just for fun.
Most of my practice is kind of point shooting where I dont really get a sight picture, but try to just feel where the gun is going to shoot.
I think this is more useful than deliberately aimed slow fire.
Realistically, any self defense shooting (that I could find myself in) is more likely than not going to be at point blank range. For this range, marksmanship won't really be an issue, so practicing drawing from a holster is probably more important than actually practicing at a shooting range.
I suppose it's possible I could be in a situation where there is an active shooter and I would have to shoot 20+ yards, so I guess practicing at longer ranges doesn't hurt.

Of course, in Pakistan it may be a little different situation, so it probably is wise to practice hitting targets as far as you can.

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