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bad rounds

Those rounds are from the reject pile.
When a super fast machine process like this loads thousand of rounds (or ANYTHING for that matter) per hour, a laser device inspects each round and kicks them off the line, before either linking or boxing, or bulk loading, while the good ones go on for packaging.
Boxes and boxes of rejected ammo are pulled from the line each production day, and "surplused" out. These are bulk sold to companies like your supplier, Cheaper than dirt, and Sportsman's Guide, for instance, very cheaply, marked up, and re-sold to you.
The original buyer gets the good stuff, and the buyer of surplus rejects gets this crap. It would have to be dirt cheap for me to keep that stuff, and coupled with shipping costs, I think I would have felt ill-used.
Buy only 1st run, or start reloading yourself.
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