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Don't buy .223 ammo from Aim Surplus!

I ordered two cases of 500 rounds of .223 from Aim Surplus. Shipped fast and came in real nice ammo cans, but after reading another post where some guy didn't get all his ammo I decided to count them. The count came it at 499 out of 500 on the first case, not bad, but the ammo was DEFECTIVE. About 20% had dents so bad that I wouldn't even attempt to load them in my AR-15. Some had the bullets seated at an angle, some had bullets that would slide in and out of the brass. Besides this 20% of major defects I would say that another 20% had a very slight lean to the bullet, not enough to worry about not shooting but would throw off my accuracy. I wrote the company and complained, we'll see what they say. Tomorrow I'll look at the second case of 500 but I'm assuming it will be the same. It almost seems like this ammo is the stuff that was rejected off of the assembly line. I'm thinking If I checked it with a micrometer it may all be bad. Check out these photos, this is shocking:

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