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I thought this was pretty funny too.


"From Federal Cartridge Co.

-- Federal Premium has combined the latest in bullet technology with proven performance to bring big game hunters the Trophy Bonded Tip. This new offering is built on the heralded Trophy Bonded Bear Claw platform and adds numerous features for a substantial increase in performance.

The first and most noticeable addition is a neon, translucent polymer tip. This is coupled with a boat-tail design for flat trajectory and improved accuracy. Because it's built on the Bear Claw's proven platform, the new Trophy Tip has the jacket bonded to the core for high weight retention and a solid copper shank to crush bone.

The Trophy Tip is unique in that it combines several different bullet technologies in one projectile. Another improvement to this bullet is exterior skiving on the nickel-plated bullet that provides optimum expansion at a variety of ranges.

The load also features a nickel plated case and bullet for easy extraction and corrosion protection."


Is this like how those Honda Civics with the neon lights underneath (and the 5" exhaust tips)are faster than the ones without?

The old TBBC was a great heavy game bullet and I'm sure that this one will be just as good and I appreciate the higher BC. But don't you think that the marketing division went just a little bit overboard with it?
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