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Why on an AR platform?

1) there is a sturdy mounting solution for an optic with 3 inch eye relief. not only that, but the rifle's already configured this way.

2) i want an AR, not an AK...but .223Rem isn't lethal enough to ethically hunt medium sized game with out of a semi-auto, and 6.8mm SPC is both expensive and may not remain a cartridge of the US military...which would make it even harder to aquire and at higher price.

3) if i were to get an AK, the only one accurate enough to take realistic ethical shots on game is the VEPR line of AKs, getting sub 2 inch groups at 100 yards based on the targets I've seen at Robinson Armament Co's website. the buttstock is ugly as sin. that can be fixed by getting into an ACE buttstock...okay. the handguard is also hideous though, and there is no available option to change it at operator level.

I'm looking for a rifle with a cartridge big enough to hunt game with, in an environment where i can only see up to 200 meters max. i'd also like the rifle to be of semi-automatic nature, accepting of high capacity magazines...with as little muzzle rise as possible--a battle rifle in a caliber big enough to hunt with.

The AR-47 does a good job of solving this. The accuracy of an AR in a lethal close range cartridge. And having one that accepts AK mags makes the magazine search easy considering it's one of the 2 most common mags in America and "the" most common magazine in the world.

I didn't think I needed to add my criteria for choosing the rifle in order to ask a question about what tool to use to shave off some metal...
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